We would just like to point a few things out..

  • We have been in business in the taxi industry for over 20 years, fitting radios, data heads, taxi meters, top lights, CCTV etc. We work on salon and Hackney vehicles everyday.
  • We have worked from the same premises during this period. We haven’t moved four times in as many months. Nor do we travel from a city 80 miles away.
  • After the CCTV installs are completed we will provide a complete back up service, we won’t be taking your money and doing a runner.
  • The product we are supplying is designed in the UK by a team of technicians based in Appleton Warrington, it is made in NetVu’s dedicated factory in Malta. It is not some cheap and cheerful box imported from China.

Single Camera system (Inc panic button and audio recording) £420

Dual Camera system £460 (Inc panic button and audio recording) using a vandal resistant metal dome camera.

Remove and reinstall from £100

Also there is no surcharge to use your Credit or Debit card.

Please call on 0151 481 0022 to book


Taxi CCTV Systems

As of the 1st of July 2015 All licenced Vehicles in the Warrington Borough will require CCTV equipment to be fitted, VisionOn Systems Ltd and Bluebell Taxi Meters are pleased to have been awarded as one of the supplier for CCTV Taxi solutions.

CabCam M1

The CabCam M1 System is a cost effective, rugged, fully encrypted vehicle product, specifically designed for use in the licenced hackney & private hire markets. The CabCam  M1 is fully compliant with current UK & EU Legislation for the recording of audio

Features include; Rugged Metal construction, Reliable Linux operating system, Lockable SD card Recorder, 64GB Class 10 professional SD card providing 14 days worth of recording at 25FPS in D1 Quality, GPS location & Time/Date stamping on all footage, Audio Recording on Emergency button Only, 3 year warranty on SD card recorder. (DVR)

This is an image taken from directly from the DVR unit fitted in a Vuaxhall Vectra

As you can see the time and date is on every frame which is recorded at 25 fps, the time and date is set via GPS so is never wrong.



We have 2 different types of camera’s  on offer depending on the vehicle.

Firstly a small discreet camera for salon vehicles and the Anti Vandal camera, both cameras have a 120 degree view with built in infer red and microphones.


The DVR is small and compact with a key lock.

CabCam M1 – 1 Camera System –  Fitted

CabCam M1 – 2 Camera System – Fitted

CabCam M1 – 3 Camera System –  Fitted

All systems included

  • 64 GB Lockable SD Card Recorder (DVR)
  • 1 Internal Camera
  • 1 Forward facing camera*
  • 2nd Internal Camera*
  • 1 Microphone
  • 1 Alarm Button
  • GPS antenna
  • Inc all cabling and fitting.
  • Recording at 25fps
  • 3 Year Warranty
* as required.

Please Call us on 0151 481 0022 to book your appointment.