Aquila T-Tiny Taximeter

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T-Tiny TaximeterThe T-Tiny taxi meter brings you all you could want in a modern taximeter, but all contained within a uniquely compact and stylish package.

Optional Infra-Red Remote Control

Compact but PowerfulThe T-Tiny is small (107mm x 58mm x 28mm deep) and light (135g), but it loses none of the style and ease of use of its bigger brother, the T2.The T-Tiny includes many of the features of the T2, including:PCO ApprovedApproved by the Public Carriage Office in London, which includes Type Approval tests by BSI and on-road testing.

Easy Installation

The size of the T-Tiny eases the task of finding a suitable location for a taximeter. In common with the T2, the T-Tiny has a completely flat rear panel, with no projections which would make installation more difficult.

Infra-Red Remote Control

An optional 7-button coded remote control unit makes the T-Tiny even easier to operate, and further opens up the choice of possible mounting locations.

Illuminated controls

The T-Tiny’s two buttons are backlit to ease night use.

The T-Tiny’s tariff capabilities match those of the T2, and the same tariff programmes may be used in the two families of products.

The T-Tiny can hold a large number of “special day” information in order for it to automatically select the correct rate to charge. Alternatively, it can be completely manual, so that you choose the tariff you want to charge.

A third option allows some degree of manual tariff selection, but retaining the convenience of Calendar Control.

The tariff programs can be very large and typically include 20 or so tariffs with extensive calendar data. The T-Tiny’s advanced software allows it to quickly calculate the correct tariff to charge, so it retains its “snappy” operation and does not suffer from the “sluggish” operation displayed by some other taximeters.

Details Of Last Hiring

In addition to the normal totaliser information, the T-Tiny allows you to recall the fare, extras and distance information from the previous journey.

‘No-Job’ Feature

The T-Tiny can optionally be configured to exclude very short “hirings” from the totals.

Totals Protected By PIN Number (Optional)

You can use a special PIN number to stop anyone else from reading the totals.

ALL Totals Resettable

If you wish, you can reset any of the T-Tiny’s totals.

Miles/KM Units

The T2-Tiny handles units conversions internally and so can be calibrated in pulses per mile or kilometre independendently of the tariff program.

Drop Progress Indication

A special character in the Fare window shows you how far the T-Tiny is from the next “drop”.

Audible Key Beep

.. which can be turned off if required.

Dead Stop (Freeze) Feature

You can pause the T-Tiny’s charging functions during a journey.

Serial Ports

The T-Tiny has 2 RS232 serial ports which can be used for connection to data terminals, printers and card readers. Two serial ports means that the T-Tiny can communicate with a data terminal and print receipts at the same time.

Optional Receipt Printer

In addition to its taximeter functions, the T-Tiny can accept programmable receipt designs for output to a Receipt Printer. These receipts can include graphical symbols such as company logos and other symbols. Depending on their complexity, and the amount of graphical information, the T-Tiny can include up to 5 or 6 different receipts which can be selected by the user.

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